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Chancey Bailey Murder Trial, Day 5 morning

March 28, 2011


March 28, 2011

The key witness in the trial of two men charged with the murder of Chauncey Bailey and two other men says he killed a man named Odell Roberson on July 2007 because his boss, former Your Black Muslim Bakery CEO Yusuf Bey IV, wanted revenge for the death of his brother.

Antar Bey was killed in October 2005 in a failed carjacking. 22-year old Alfonza Phillips was sentenced to live in prison without the possibility of parole in the death.


Roberson was the first of three killings for which Bey IV and Antoine Mackey are charged.

Devaughndre Broussard, who has pleaded guilty to killing Roberson and journalist Chauncey Bailey, said he, Bey IV and other members of the  bakery attended Phillips’ trial. During the trial, Broussard testified, Bey pointed out members of Phillip’s family and ordered him to watch Phillips’ father.

“He told me where he stay at and that he drove a baby blue corvette,” said Broussard. When deputy district attorney Melissa Krum asked why Bey IV wanted the elder Phillips watch Broussard responded, “He wanted him wacked because his (Phillips) son killed his (Bey IV) brother.”

Broussard testified that he could not track Phillips and Bey IV eventually told him to “start clocking the comings and goings” of Alfonza Phillips’ uncle Odell Roberson, a local drug addict who Bey IV sometimes fed at the bakery.

Roberson was killed July 8, 2007 when he was hit by 5 rounds from an assault rifle.

Broussard will be back on the stand this afternoon.

Attorneys for Bey IV and Mackey pledge to attack Broussard’s credibility pointing out that he has twice denied killing Bailey before pleading guilty in April 2009 to murdering Bailey and Roberson.

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  1. Mark A Bolds permalink
    May 8, 2011 11:49 pm

    This is interesting, How as Brothers in the faith, can express so much hate and jealousy for one another.

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