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Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial: “It’s Goood!!!”

March 29, 2011

During the afternoon testimony on his 2nd day on the witness stand confessed double murder Devaughndre Broussard laughed as he described the events leading up to his July, 2007 murder of Odell Roberson, killed by a barrage from an assault weapon.

Broussard testified that Yusuf Bey IV, then-CEO of Your Black Muslim Bakery, wanted Roberson “taken out” because Roberson’s nephew had killed Bey’s older brother in 2005.

Upon questioning from deputy district attorney Melissa Krum, Broussard said he and Bey’s co-defendant, Antoine Mackey, saw Roberson walking near the bakery.

“He asked, ‘do y’all got some work?’ (drugs) I was like, ‘yeah I got you, come on!”

Krum (MK): “why did you tell him to come on?”

Broussard (DB): “Because I was going to shoot him!”

At that point Broussard says he turned to Mackey and said, “guess what? Pass it to me. I’m on this. Pass the rifle!”

Broussard testified that Mackey asked, “Do you want this one?” To which Broussard responded, “Yeah, I’m on this.”

Mackey then allegedly pulled an SKS assault rifle with a folding stock from his pants and passed it to Broussard.

MK: “Then what happened?”

Broussard began laughing hysterically and said, “I turned toward Odell and he was about to run so I told him to stop or I’m gonna fire.”

MK: “Did he stop?”

DB: “Yes.”

MK: “And what did you do?”

DB: “I fired until the gun was empty.”

Krum next took Broussard through the events four days later.

MK: “On August 12 did you hear shots?”

DB: “Yes, I could tel it was a rifle going off.”

MK: “Did you receive a telephone call?”

DB: “Yes, I was told to open the back gate. The Charger came in an stopped. Antoine Mackey got out carrying the gun, Fourth (Yusuf Bey IV) was driving. I asked him (Mackey) what happened and he said, ‘I got one. I caught a body.'”

Broussard says Mackey told him he and Fourth had been driving (around) talking about the Zebra Killings, a series of assaults and murders on Whites in San Francisco in the 1970’s. Four men, all believed to be Black Muslims, were convicted on all counts and given life sentences.

According to Broussard, Mackey told him he and Fourth had “seen a White guy (local sous chef Michael Wills). Mackey got out of the car with the gun and the man ran. He ran after him and fired, hitting Wills in the leg. Mackey said his leg went up like he was kicking a field goal. So he (Mackey) threw his hands in the air and said, “it’s good! Yusuf Bey IV came into the room and did the same thing.’

Broussard went on to testify about how he came to know about Chauncey Bailey.

MK: “When did you first hear about Chauncey Bailey?

DB: “August (1) 2007 while we was watching a movie in Yusuf Bey IV’s room. It was the movie of his father’s funeral.”

MK: “Did Yusuf Bey IV pause the tape?”

DB: “Yes, he paused it to point out members of the family. And he pointed to a picture of Chauncey Bailey and said, “that’s the (two word expletive) who killed my father and he’s writing a story about the bakery right now.”

Broussard went on to explain that Bailey had written some articles about the elder Bey and Yusuf Bey IV felt the stress had hastened his death. Bey died of cancer in October 2003 while under indictment for having sex with and impregnating young girls who worked at the bakery.

Yusuf Bey IV allegedly told Broussard and Mackey to “track Chauncey Bailey. He told us where he work at: the Oakland Post. He wanted to know where he live at and told us to learn his routine,” said Broussard.

Later that day Broussard and Mackey sat outside the Post building. Broussard got out of the car to walk about and saw what he believed to be a SUV that belonged to Saleem Bey, a former executive at Your Black Muslim Bakery who was married to one of Yusuf Bey IV’s biological sisters.

“Mackey called Fourth and Fourth showed up. He saw the car and said, ‘that’s that (two word expletive) up there right now kicking it with dude. We should get him, too, but my sister might be mad.'”

Mackey and Broussard saw Bailey leave the Post office and get on a bus. They followed the bus until Bailey got off. They watched him enter an apartment building.

MK: “That night, did Yusuf Bey IV say he wanted you to do anything?”

DB: “Yes, he called me and Mackey to come to his room. He wanted us to take him out before he completed that article. I guess he understood the article was supposed to come out on Friday.”

Police records show that night, Bey IV, Mackey and Broussard drove to Bailey’s apartment and sat outside for about 20 minutes. Broussard says they discussed how to kill Bailey before he wrote his article. In other words, “as soon as possible.”

“If he was walking, shot him quick,” testified Broussard. “If he was on the bus, if there was a chance to kill him, then kill him.”

Early the next morning, about 7:22 am, they did.

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