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Chauncey Bailey Trial – Day 15

April 20, 2011

Pow, Pow, Poof!

The jury in the trial of two men accused in the murder of Oakland, CA editor Chauncey Bailey today viewed a secret video made by police that showed the leader of the former Your Black Muslim Bakery laughing about Bailey’s death.

Chauncey Bailey Trial#1_042011_Day15_oak

Yusuf Bey IV was arrested the day after Bailey’s death when police raided the bakery. He told investigators that he knew little about the killing except for what he was told by Devaughndre Broussard, the man who has admitted shooting Bailey.

But on the tape he throws his head back, apparently mimicking what happened when Bailey was shot in the head.

Bey IV and Antoine Mackey are facing three counts of murder for the deaths of Bailey, Odell Roberson and Michael Wills.

Prosecutors say Bev IV ordered Broussard to kill Roberson because Roberson’s nephew killed Bey IV’s older brother. Bailey was killed to stop a story he was writing about the bakery’s financial problems, according to Alameda County deputy district attorney Melissa Krum. She contend Antoine Mackey killed Michael Wills because he was White.

The Chauncey Bailey Project released portions of the 2 hour, 10 minute video on June 18, 2008 after having the audio enhanced and preparing a transcript.


Yusuf Bey IV (Fourth): “That fool said, pow, pow, poof! (Bey IV throws his head back to demonstrate what happened to Bailey when he was shot in the head) He a soldier for that shit!”

Joshua Bey: “Where he shot him at?”

Fourth: “In his head.” (laughing)

Joshua: What the ___? You was there?

Fourth: Hell, no! Hell, No! You ain’t about to put me close. But I went by there as soon as it was over. They was following my car, though, ever since it happened.

Johsua: What car did you take? What car did they take?

Fourth: The Charger, no not the Charger, Rigo’s van. Right after it did happen though, we took the Charger and went by the scene, went to IHOP next. No, we went by the Lake and talked about it –they know about that — and they know about us going to IHOP and they know about us going to the Marina. But I didn’t say shit!

Joshua: Dre did it”

Fourth: (Nods his head, yes)

Joshua: He’ll get a soldier for that!”

On the stand Wednesday Joshua Bey explained that the designation “soldier” was bestowed on someone who performs a difficult task.

Bey IV’s attorney Gene Peretti said the tape, while problematic, contained no actual admissions.

“In my opinion, if you listen to it, it doesn’t incriminate him, it doesn’t contradict anything that he said but it certainly paints him in an unflattering way,” said Peretti.

Members of the jury followed along with the transcript as the video played.

Prosecutor Melissa Krum said the video was key.

“Lots of things deal with Mr. Bey’s attitude toward law enforcement, his attitude toward crime, his finding amusement in kidnapping and torture, his laughing at the Bailey murder and there are portions where he talks about eliminating witnesses,” said Krum.

Also on the stand on Wednesday was an expert from the company that makes GPS tracking devices.

James Thomas, director, Electronics Systems Group, Coleman Technologies, testified that a tracking device placed on Yusuf Bey IV’s car showed the vehicle parked outside Chauncey Bailey’s apartment at 12:24 AM August 2nd, 7 hours before Bailey was killed.

Bey IV and Broussard both told police they and Antoine Mackey were in the car. Bey IV said Broussard wanted to show him where Bailey lived. Broussard testified that Bey IV wanted him or Mackey to knock on Bailey’s door and shoot him when he answered.

The final witness of the day was a woman who had spent the night with Bey IV the day Bailey was killed.

Sheavon Williams, 26, was arrested when police raided the bakery. She told police later that day that Bey IV had been upset the day before about an article that Bailey was supposed to be writing about the bakery. During the interview with police she said the next morning Bey IV had called her attention to a news report about Bailey’s killing and told her, “that will teach them to (expletive) with us.”

On the stand a reluctant Williams said she could not remember Bey IV saying that to her.

In March 2009, the district attorneys office believed that Gary Popoff, a former member of the bakery, had been given an order, reportedly from Bey IV, to kill Williams and at least one other witness. Popoff was returned to prison on a parole violation.

Williams returns to the stand on Thursday.

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